Why Do I Fight For Pit Bulls


Why Do I Fight For Pit Bulls


Pit Bulls will always have my heart, many people ask me why I love them so much? To be honest I don’t have a 100 % answer for that question. But maybe it’s their big ole head just asking to be petted, or it could be those puppy dog eyes that always seem to get their way. Hell maybe it’s their spirit always smiling like a child with no care in the world. Maybe it’s the fact they just want to play and love on you.

It could be the Loyalty they show time and time again always standing by your side through thick and thin. They will even stand by your side when mistreated, neglected or abused, they are exploited each and every day by horrible humans that take advantage of them with devilish intentions yet they still show loyalty till death.

It could be the fact that they live each and every day to please their human, spending their time to gain praise for being a good puppy at any cost. Or maybe it’s the endless compassion and kindness they show for everyone around them. That could be the reason why they are so special in my eyes just maybe…

Or it could be the love that they carry with them everywhere they go, spreading love along the way. The love they have just waits to be unleashed upon a lucky family, often this love never finds a loving family. Sadly that love has a limit and dies, dies from evil human intentions, the blood sport the ring. Being forced to become a fighter in the dogfighting ring, cold and alone at the end of a chain or in a cold hard pound floor. The love they have never finds the family they are waiting for, only to be lost forever in a void of darkness and death.

Possibly it’s the fact that the mass media has dammed them for decades as being nothing but killing machines yet they are nothing but loving machines. Or maybe it’s the fact that our society actually believes the lies that the mass media feeds them each and every day. Like any good sheep everyone joins in on the evil pit-bull bashing further sending them to their death via kill shelters.

Or maybe it’s the fact that the BSL or Breed Specific Legislation has ramped up their laws on banning pit bulls, these laws are a death sentence. Their soul reason is to kill each and every last pit bull breathing on this planet. Or it might be the fact that for the lucky few Pit bulls that make it to a loving home gets ripped away from their families because of the BSL laws which then sends them to shelters to be killed. Or maybe it’s the fact that these innocent loving creatures do not understand why they are being killed, fought, abused, and Abandoned. They cry a howling piercing cry while being ripped away from their family’s to be slaughtered…. That could be the reason why I fight for them…

But it could be the soul fact that Pit Bulls have been the top abused breed ever to walk this earth, the most euthanized breed, the largest population breed to fill shelters. Or maybe it’s the fact that we as a society have made American shelters that actually BAN pit bulls from being adopted. Literally killing all hope for them to actually find a loving home. It could be the fact that knowing their only way to get away from all the cruelty from this world is death. Being dumped at shelters and pounds after a lifetime of abuse with no hope of being adopted.

Or it could be because even the few no kill shelters out there are little to no help, and often dogs are abused by staff and live in horrible small spaces. These shelters are only here to collect a pay check from the government. They spend their entire life living in these horrible conditions with a thread of hope that someone will come along and pick them to love for the rest of their days. But for the majority that day never comes. Or maybe it’s the fact that while living in these horrible conditions they start to lose their minds, with all the added stress, confinement with no socialization. Subtracting from their already small chance to get adopted to an even lower percent. Or it could be because they have a dream that one day a family will save them and love them but that’s only a dream. They wait for years, months, days for a loving family until depression over comes them their once proud smile turns into a void of despair, they start living each and every day waiting to die a cold lonely death.

Or it could be the fact that I have a Pit Bull that has been the most amazing dog I’ve ever owned, he’s my child, family, life. Maybe it’s because I would do anything to make him happy and smile each and every day, or maybe it’s the fact that he makes me smile and laugh. Or maybe it’s because he’s always by my side when I’m sad he’s there to cheer me up without saying a word. Or maybe it’s the fact that he has no real reason to trust my love or anyone’s love that’s around him. Maybe it’s the fact that he will forgive you for all your flaws.

Or it could be the fact that I want to change all the hate, all the abuse all the pain they suffer from each and every day. Maybe it’s because I want to change how the world views them, or maybe it’s the fact that I have the power to actually change their lives.

Maybe that’s my answer, and maybe you will choose to join me…. Just maybe….