Pitbull behavior is one of the most intriguing and tell-tale qualities of the breed. Below we have provided a synopsis of six of the most prevalent characteristics to recognize about the Pitbull.

 Strong Bond with Owner

Once you taken ownership of a Pitbull, you will have a fan for life.  This breed will shower you with love and devotion as long as you make an effort to meet their needs.  They will typically need up to two hours of attention a day; if you just keep them tied in the backyard with no interaction, they will likely become destructive due to loneliness.

 Agile, Athletic and Fun

One of the most commonly acknowledged Pitbull behaviors is their athletic ability.  This makes them often participants in agility contests.  Be prepared to deal with the high levels of energy that the breed will bring, which can be controlled with frequent exercise.  Even if you and your dog decide not to compete, you will still notice this inclination to showing off their prowess.  Due to this, you should ensure that your yard is properly enclosed so that your Pit Bull cannot escape.  In the event that they do, you should make sure to have adequate identification tags on his collar.


Contrarily to popular belief, aggression often stems from defensive actions and is not typical Pitbull Behavior.  Aggression level varies based on the dog's personality.  Pitbulls can be very social to very aggressive.  This level is often determined by how good of a job the owner did socializing the dog just as much as the dog's nature.  It is essential to realize that as the owner, you contribute largely to the dog's temperament.


While Pitbulls are often perceived as playful, it will quickly become obviously that they are pushy and stubborn as well.  If you do not put rules in place, they will create their own boundaries and set of behaviors.  Obedience training works wonders in helping to establish your role as the leader of your dog.  If this sort of training is not feasible for you, then you must be consistent in your training at home.  A good starting place is keeping your Pitbull confined for the first month or so after you bring him home unless he is being fed, exercised, or trained.  Giving him too much freedom initially will grant too many opportunities for bad habits to be developed before you are able to lay down the rules.  Training at times will seem to be a battle of wills but if you persevere, you will end up with a dog that has model Pitbull behavior.

Social Butterflies

New owners are often surprised that one of the most predominant Pitbull behaviors is the tendency to be extremely social.  No matter where you are going, your Pit will always be eager to accompany you. They like to interact with the variety of people you encounter in the world; unfortunately, the bad reputation of the breed will often lead to many derogatory comments.  Be aware of this as your dog will want to approach strangers on the street who might not be willing to interact due to the stereotype.