Welcome to UnshackledPit! Whether you are already the proud owner of a Pitbull or are just pondering taking ownership, you can find a comprehensive guide to practically any knowledge you seek. The Pitbull is a complex but wonderful breed, who deserves far better than its reputation lends to. We seek to rectify this issue and believe some of the first steps include educated owners and proper training. Please feel free to explore the site: we have a full variety of information, including insight into the below topics:

About Pitbulls

This section devotes attention to providing facts about the Pitbull Breed. View the History of Pitbulls section to learn facts such as where the term originated, the history of the breed in America, and the origination of the bad connation that plagues the breed. The section Myths details a list of the most common myths about Pitbulls. The topics of the myths are about the personalities, physical characteristics and reputation. Interested to see how the myths originated and how they’ve been disproven? Head on over!
In case the above information doesn’t whet your appetite for knowledge, we have added a section on Pitbull behavior. Behavior is easily the most loveable and recognizable factor that you indubitably already love about the breed, but look here for more fuel for your fire. Finally, we have delved into the interesting topic of BSL. Do you know what breed specific legislation is? Do you have an opinion on the breed? Visit this section to gather the facts to help you form your stance on this topic. Learn the impacts of BSL and also alternatives that can be adopted.

Dog Care

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about the Pitbull, a logical next step is to learn how to properly care for them. There are four main categories to consider when discussing dog care:
1. Supplements: A supplement is defined as something that completes or enhances something else when added to it. Your dog’s health will only improve when adding these products to their diets. Visit the page for a brief explanation of what each supplement is and how it will benefit your Pitbull’s health.
2. Nutrition: Here we present a guide to giving your Pitbull the most beneficial nutritional plan. Whether it be the actual diet plan, the frequency of feeding, problems that generate from feeding or ways to put your pet on a diet, we have all the answers in this section.
3. Grooming: This is not only essential for your Pitbull to look his best, but its importance on his physical health is almost indescribable. This section details how to best care for a Pitbull, including daily care and frequent conditions that are related to grooming.
4. Health Issues: An unfortunate part of pet ownership is the myriad of health issues they can face. Being forewarned is forearmed. Do not take on the responsibility of a pet without fully understanding the common diseases that affect Pitbulls. Learn about Hip Dysplasia and deafness among others so that you can be prepared mentally and financially to provide optimal care.


A well trained Pitbull is the key to helping to eradicate all of the negative press that the breed gets. As an owner, you must take responsibility for this aspect. Proper training includes not only formation of the Pitbulls behavior in your home but also socialization so that he acts properly in public settings as well. In this section, you will learn how to house break your pet, leash train him, teach him simple commands and so much more. We also have included an overview of obedience training and a discussion of how it will benefit your pet’s behavior.